Flying Peacock Balm and Oil

For healthy joints and muscles

Ankles, knees and elbows often have to endure heavy duty work Sensitive, tired, stiff and rigid muscles require extra attention. Treatment and care with Flying Peacock balsam or oil supports supple joints and muscles.

The preparation of Flying Peacock balm and oil is an old and well preserved Eastern secret.

Flying Peacock balm

The secret of “the profound effect of Flying Peacock Balsam ‘is in the natural oils and fats carefully chosen. The potent mixture brings the skin a soothing warmth.

Flying Peacock balm and oil is available in two strengths:

  • Flying Peacock balm white has normal strength and is recommended for general use;

  • Flying Peacock red balm is the additional strong form and can be used in the heavy duty ‘cases, where extra powerful operation is required.

Flying Peacock Oil

Flying Peacock oil has a pleasant smell, does not contain irritants and helps quickly. The oil is suitable for adults and children. The oil is an essential product to prevent or reduce pain.

External use provides the following features in for instance sports:

  1. Healthy joints and muscles

  2. Ankles, knees and elbows have to often endure heavy work. Sensitive, tired, stiff and rigid muscles require extra attention. Treatment and care with Flying Peacock balsam or oil supports supple joints and muscles.

Composed of varying cs oil possesses a delightful fragrance, but at the same time aids indispositions such as insect bites, tooth sores and muscular discomfort.

D ue to the tranquilizing properties of Kapoor, this balm can cure an array of afflictions, such as, toothache, muscular pain and insect bites.

T his cautiously computed balm acts as a soothing agent for many ailments such as congestion, asthma, cold, toothache, sinusitis, travel sickness, upset stomach due to the healing properties of Pudina ka Phool which forms one of the main constituents.

Quantity: Flying Peacock balm is available in jars of 20 grams. Oil is available in a 10 ml bottle.

Gender: Unisex


B alm white : Phudina Ka Phool- Aryabhishak- 20%, Kapoor- Aryabhishak- 10%, Wintergreen Tel- Bhavprakash- 20%, Ajowan Ka Phool- Aryabhishak- 05%,Nilgiri Tel- Rastantrasa 02%,Phudina Ka Tel- Aryabhishak 08%,Ointment Base – Q.S

Balm red: Phudina Ka Phool- Aryabhishak- 20%, Kapoor- Aryabhishak- 10%, Wintergreen Tel- Bhavprakash- 18%, Lavang Tel- Aryabhishak- 05%, Taj Tel- Aryabhishak- 05%, Nilgiri Tel- Rastantrasa 02%, Phudina Ka Tel-Aryabhishak- 05%,Coloured Ointment Base – Q.S / Colour: Toney Red, Quinazarine Green SS, Quinoline Yellow SS

Oil: Phudina Ka Phool (Menthol)- 25%, Kapoor (Camphor)- 10%, Wintergreen Tel (Menthyl Salicylate)- 20%, Nilgiri Tel (Eucalyptus Oil)- 05%, Phudina Ka Tel (Mentha Oil)- 08%, Ajowan Ka Phool (Thymol)- 05%, Lavender Tel(Lavender oil)- 02%, Flavoured Oily Base- Q.


Warming up before physical activity (sports)

Flying Peacock Balsam (white) is the ideal tool for warming up. Massage the muscles to endure the most in the competition will be gently and balsam the (sports) performance will prove a good service.

Cooling down and recovery after physical exertion (sports)

Tired and associated muscles relax and recover with the help of the soothing heat treatment of the Flying Peacock balm. This is achieved by simply lubricating the joints and muscles.


Stiff or sore muscles can be treated several times a day with Flying Peacock balm or oil.

Flying Peacock balm or oil helps the most optimal when the muscles are not cooled down too quickly.

Flying Peacock balm or oil is easy to apply. A fingertip, with regular use, is enough. The effect keeps on even longer if the anointed areas are obscured.

You can combine Flying Peacock® balm and oil for quick support.


Do not use Flying Peacock balm and oil on irritated skin, on mucous membranes and / or eyes, and only externally.

Flying Peacock red balm, if not lubricated enough, discolors clothing.

Excercise to improve athletic performance and keeps muscles and joints flexible

In general, a good warming up, significantly enhances sport performance. The soothing warmth of Flying Peacock balm or oil supports the warming up. So start warming up with the anointing of the joints and muscles to be ready during exercise. Then follow the stretching exercises below on this page to ensure that muscles do not cool down!

After the match or training, do the above in reverse order and end the cooling down with a massage with Flying Peacock balm or oil.



Raise your left / right leg

and place the

other leg behind you bring for 15 seconds, with the heel on the ground.

Go for 20 counts in squat,

the heels remain on the ground,

Turn left / right leg over the other leg and push it for 15 seconds.

Sit on the heels and bring left / right leg back, bend 20x to the ground.

Turn left / right foot against the inner thigh of the other leg, grab the ankle and bend 30x to the ankle ..

Sit on your knees, turn left / right foot beside knee of the other leg and bend for 10 counts forward without letting the heel come off the ground.

Pull in a sitting position the left / right leg 10x towards you.

Turn head left and right 5x

Bring left / right hand for 15 seconds between shoulder blades.

Bend arms 15x with hands clasped behind the back.